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Middle Way Philosophy 3: The Integration of Meaning – now out

The third volume of the ‘Middle Way Philosophy’ series is now Middle Way Philosophy 3available. This volume builds on the embodied meaning thesis of George Lakoff and Mark Johnson and includes an explanation of this revolutionary approach to meaning, uniting cognitive and emotive meaning (e.g. dictionary meaning and ‘meaning of life’). It also makes extensive use of Jung’s theory of archetypes and integration framework. Relating these inspirations to Middle Way Philosophy, it puts forward the integration of meaning as a practice of moral significance making a contribution to objectivity. This shows the value of the arts as providing greater resources of meaning in our lives, which we may then draw on when developing our moral and factual beliefs.

For more information, previews and purchase go to this page. 30% reductions currently available.


About Robert M Ellis

I am an independent philosopher, with a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and a distance tutor in Critical Thinking, Philosophy and Politics. I also have experience of Buddhist practice. I developed Middle Way Philosophy to apply what I see as the central insights of Buddhism in an entirely Western context.


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