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Thinking, Fast and Slow

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman: Penguin 2011. What does it mean to face up to illusion? What does it mean to try to overcome illusion? Daniel Kahneman cannot quite give us a complete answer to these questions, but he offers many insights. All of these insights are expressed with a good deal of scientific caution … Continue reading

The trouble with paradox

God is both everywhere in the universe and beyond it. I am both the same and different from how I was two minutes ago. The set containing all sets that are not members of themselves is a member of itself. All of these are paradoxes – apparent contradictions that may possibly allow of solutions when considered … Continue reading

Sexing up statistics

I have to admit that statistics have not received much attention in my formal education, which has been relatively wide but not scientific or mathematical. However, I have become increasingly interested in statistical thinking in general in recent years from my experience of teaching Critical Thinking. Most recently I have been reading Daniel Kahneman’s book … Continue reading

What is a sceptic?

Scepticism (or skepticism, US style) is potentially a big liberating factor in our lives, yet like most ideas that started off in a blaze of insight, it has become caught up in entrenched dualistic conflicts. All scepticism involves some degree of recognition of uncertainty about what others take to be true – but the crucial … Continue reading