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Middle Way Philosophy 3: The Integration of Meaning – now out

The third volume of the ‘Middle Way Philosophy’ series is now available. This volume builds on the embodied meaning thesis of George Lakoff and Mark Johnson and includes an explanation of this revolutionary approach to meaning, uniting cognitive and emotive meaning (e.g. dictionary meaning and ‘meaning of life’). It also makes extensive use of Jung’s … Continue reading

When to Intervene?

A new post over on the Middle Way Society site¬†inspired by¬†Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s ‘Antifragile’: link

Jan Smuts and Holism

I’ve just come across an excellent video clip for illustrating how easily an abstract metaphysical idea can be manipulated for almost any end (see link). In this case it serves a political end in supporting the dominance of one racial group over another. The term ‘holism’, like that of ‘nature’, is so vague that its … Continue reading

Franciscan saintliness

A new blog post over on the Middle Way Society on how we can make sense of the virtues of saints together with their belief in metaphysics. See http://www.middlewaysociety.org/franciscan-saintliness/

A tale of two metaphors

All our thinking depends on metaphors. The work of George Lakoff and Mark Johnson explains the way in which we build our cognitive models on a particular metaphor, which is mapped onto a physical experience schematised into our neural connections. For example, the picture here illustrates an old Platonic cognitive model for the mind or … Continue reading

The Middle Way Society

We’re finally under way with a society to promote the Middle Way! At the end of the Middle Way Study Retreat held in August, all the participants agreed to create a society to promote the study and practice of the Middle Way. You can now read about it on our website, http://www.middlewaysociety.org . Why a … Continue reading

Is dogma adaptive?

Why do human beings so often get stuck in fixed beliefs that are no longer adequate to the situation? Why do we have metaphysics at all? This is a question I have been considering for a while, not in expectation of ultimate answers, but particularly thinking in terms of the model offered by evolutionary adaptation. … Continue reading

The Middle Way to Anarchy

Recently I’ve been writing educational materials on anarchism, which has made me think again about this raft of ideological approaches. It is possible to make all kinds of claims for anarchism, depending on how one defines or understands it: for example, either that it is a threat to a peaceful society, or the reverse that … Continue reading

Cognitive biases

A good easy account of 12 key cognitive biases here.

Disruptive innovators

A couple of days ago, I found myself at a Free Schools conference listening to Michael Gove, the English Minister for Education. I have little experience of listening to leading politicians live as opposed to through the media, so it was interesting to see how skilfully he worked his audience. A good deal of flattery … Continue reading