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Is dogma adaptive?

Why do human beings so often get stuck in fixed beliefs that are no longer adequate to the situation? Why do we have metaphysics at all? This is a question I have been considering for a while, not in expectation of ultimate answers, but particularly thinking in terms of the model offered by evolutionary adaptation. … Continue reading

McGilchrist revisited

It’s now a little over a year since I first read ‘The Master and his Emissary’ by Iain McGilchrist. My estimation of its importance has continued to grow during that time. When I first read it I wrote a detailed review, incorporated aspects of it into my own thinking and writing, contacted the author and had the … Continue reading

Don’t always consult the specialist

One of my regular gripes is the over-specialisation of our society, and particularly of the academic world. All specialisation comes at a price: as we narrow our focus, we lose awareness of the wider context of what we believe. I have also written about the way in which specialisation impoverishes the range of what we find meaningful, … Continue reading

Sexing up statistics

I have to admit that statistics have not received much attention in my formal education, which has been relatively wide but not scientific or mathematical. However, I have become increasingly interested in statistical thinking in general in recent years from my experience of teaching Critical Thinking. Most recently I have been reading Daniel Kahneman’s book … Continue reading

What is a sceptic?

Scepticism (or skepticism, US style) is potentially a big liberating factor in our lives, yet like most ideas that started off in a blaze of insight, it has become caught up in entrenched dualistic conflicts. All scepticism involves some degree of recognition of uncertainty about what others take to be true – but the crucial … Continue reading